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About Us

Future Systems (Sussex) is a small business and always will be.  

It helps us understand small business needs.

Who are we?

In summary, we are a team of five specialising in different areas of IT and working from our main office in Olney and our satellite offices in Crawley and Chichester.

Nathan set up Future Systems (Sussex) in 2006 after nearly 10 years managing the helpdesk and IT network for a computer software company.  Nathan's 25 years of expertise in small business IT is wide-ranging, from helping start-up businesses with their first PCs, to strategy planning and budget forecasting for growing organisations, reviewing and migrating to cost-saving and flexible telecoms platforms and implementing and managing modern cloud IT systems that support remote working for dozens or hundreds of users.

Sam started with Future Systems as an apprentice while at college.  Over the years, he has worked his way up to second-line helpdesk support, since he is great at finding obscure solutions to weird problems.  He also enjoys researching new technologies and services, so Sam is instrumental in lots of projects, as well as spending time on the helpdesk and client site visits.

Amy is on the 'front line', spending most of her time fielding first-line helpdesk calls.  Amy's superpower is her memory - if you've spoken to her about something before, she'll remember it even if you don't.  So, when you ask her how to do something, she'll remember what she told you last time.  This might be slightly embarrassing but it does make Amy very efficient!  Along with Sam, she is one of our resident smartphone/tablet experts, as well as being a social media and online safety guru.

Derek loves to be out on-site meeting people.  He is particularly experienced in setting up and supporting smaller networks (with and without a server) but his passion is for training.  We know that he is good at it as his diary is always busy!

Clare isn't at all technical but she does a very good job of keeping the accounts in check and paying the VAT on time.  She is fairly quiet and focused but will stop every now and again to exclaim that we ought to be charging more.

Why have you never heard of us before?

We simply don't need to advertise.  We don't even have sign-written vans.  We have gained such an excellent reputation that our clients stay with us for years and recommend us over and over again.  Almost all of our new business comes from referrals.

What are we getting right?

Our clients' management teams appreciate our sensible, considered advice, consistently first-class service and great value for money.  Staff love the fact that they can speak to one of our small, friendly, local team, who know who they are and who may even have helped to set up their PC or network in the first place - no need to explain everything to someone in an off-shore call centre!  What's more is that we deal with people of all skill levels - if you want to "talk techie" with us, that's fine, but we always make inexperienced users feel at ease too.  What a refreshing change!

Why do we support both charity and private sector organisations?

After initially working only for private sector small businesses, we gained our first non-profit client in 2008 and are now a specialist in this sector.  Working with charity clients led to us developing fixed-price support contracts that make budget forecasting much easier.  Working with private sector clients led to us introducing cash flow-friendly refurbished PCs and lease options.  All clients benefit, getting the most appropriate balance between low capital purchase costs and best overall long-term value.

Where do we cover?

If you are in the map below, then we should be able to help you.  We primarily serve from Crawley and Gatwick, down through Horsham, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill and across from Worthing to Chichester.  Additionally, our new office in Olney, near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, also borders Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire where have already started to take on new charity clients.

To talk to us between 8.30am and 5.00pm (Mon-Fri), please call our main office on 01293 519599

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