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Hardware recycling

We offer a cost effective, thorough, ethical and socially responsible recycling service.


Firstly, we securely wipe all data off of the hard drives (or SSD drives) to Government-level security standards and then provide a certificate to confirm that the drives have been securely wiped.  If we are unable to wipe them because they are faulty, then we send them to be de-magnetised (so that the data becomes unreadable) and then have them physically crushed / shredded into recyclable metal chips.


Sometimes, we will then refurbish the remaining equipment to re-sell it in working order or we may sell it for parts.  In both cases, the equipment either gets re-used entirely or parts of the disposed equipment are used to extend the life of another computer or two.  This all reduces the overall amount of waste that has been generated.  During the pandemic, we even donated several refurbished laptops to disadvantaged Sussex families to help their children with home-schooling.  More often, though, we actually store the wiped equipment for later collection in bulk by a WEEE-accredited IT recycling company.  The company that we now use for this is a non-profit organisation that has a ‘zero landfill’ policy and passes on any profits to several different charities.  These different approaches ensure our clients that they have been ethically responsible in the way(s) that their decommissioned equipment has been treated.


Our charge for this service is £50 + VAT for up to 4 laptops / hard drives.

To talk to us between 8.30am and 5.00pm (Mon-Fri), please call our main office on 01293 519599

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